Calcium Chloride Industrial Uses

Calcium chloride consists of CaC12 as its chemical formula and is noted to be an inorganic salt. It is also known as an odorless chemical. This crystalline powder -shaped chemical comes in handy with its whitish color. This chemical is primarily formed by reacting hydrochloric with calcium hydroxide. This chemical is highly soluble in acetic acid, water, and alcohol.

Calcium chloride is known to serve multiple purposes as a chemical salt. Not just in residential uses, but you cannot deny the importance of this chemical in the industrial sector these days. Well, this post will let you know more about the industrial uses of Calcium chloride these days.

Using Calcium chloride for water treatment :

Reliable manufacturers and providers are well aware of different calcium chloride use these days. They are ready to offer highly soluble Calcium chloride, which is available in either white flakes & powder or in a clear liquid form. There are different uses of this mineral when it comes to industrial applications. Right from wastewater treatment to pulp-paper treatment to even polymer manufacturing, the list goes on. It can also act as a humidity absorption helping hand or can work in freeze conditioning.

Calcium Chloride Application at Aquaculture :

The technical-grade calcium chloride is widely used to raise the calcium hardness in the re-circulating systems. Based on the buffering capacity of water, it might raise or lower the pH level. The normal calcium hardness levels within the re-circulating aquaculture systems must be maintained between the level of 100 and 250 mg/l, based solely on the species.

Calcium Chloride Application at Feed Industries 

Calcium Chloride is widely used in multiple applications. The food grade version is used as food ingredient within the food industry. The Calcium Chloride feed grade is a versatile chemical with endless applications. Treatments with food-grade Calcium Chloride help in extending the shelf life of wide range of food products, while trying to maintain its desirable texture and the flavor properties. It is used in the field of salt processing to add salty taste to pickles along with other food items, without increasing their sodium content.

Noted as one of the most widely used construction materials, concrete is indispensable in most construction-based projects. Well, calcium chloride happens to play a major role in non-reinforced concrete items like pavement stones and roof tiles. There are some reliable providers, who can easily provide Calcium chloride in bulk orders for concrete and cement acceleration, across the world.

  • With the help of a liquid version of Calcium chloride and the flakes one, you get to reduce the concrete’s setting time by accelerating the rate of drying or hydration. 
  • This property is highly beneficial for the products like roof tiles and also in paving brick manufacturing.
  • Calcium chloride helps the final product to de-mold faster and without any breakage.
  • The normal addition level will be anywhere between 0.5 and 2.0% of the cement amount. 
  • On the other hand, the setting time will be decreased by around 50% after using Calcium chloride.
The current accelerating effect is well augmented at lower temperatures. This step makes it possible to procure concrete settings at lower temperatures, without any use of calcium chloride. 
Early strength to the rescue:
In those applications where time is money, like in emergency pavement patching or foundation creation, adding up Calcium chloride to the ready-mixed concrete will reduce the waiting period big time. Within no time, the surface can start bearing loads all over again!
  • The current ready-mixed concrete with Calcium chloride will provide economic benefits to the concrete contractors.
  • Mixing Calcium chloride helps in reducing the cost level and improves the overall profits and performance.

Some studies have shown that Calcium chloride can be widely used for removing fluoride. The treatment associated with fluoride effluents is one area of major concern. Fluoride content in drinking water has become a public agenda these days.

  •  Some of the industrial operations like aluminum smelters, petroleum refineries, and semi-conductor production facilities are generating a significant amount of fluoride content.
  • So, the proper treatment plan should be in position before discharging the same into public streams. That’s when Calcium chloride comes to the rescue.

Another one of the many interesting calcium chloride industrial uses is the reduction of phosphates from industrial wastewater and fertilizer runoff. 

  • Once the subjects have been removed, the captured solid can remain in any case.
  • Some of the cases can be sold or reused, as per the needful requirement.
  • Reducing the present phosphorus runoff is vital for mitigating over-enrichment in rivers, lakes, and coaster water.
  • This step, in turn, will cause extra algae growth.

If you are trying to reduce sulfate in effluent streams, then nothing can beat the importance of Calcium chloride, procured from a reliable calcium chloride manufacturer right now!

  • This process helps in yielding some solid gypsum, which can later get filtered out and sold or discarded.
  • Sulfates from mineral processing, mining, and demolition can easily acidify the surface water and soil and will contribute to harmful acid rains. So, to prevent such situations from taking place, the use of Calcium chloride is very important nowadays.

The colloid destabilization :

Calcium chloride is targeted to be a promising coagulant in destabilization while treating effluents in gas and oil and covering the food and beverage industry along the way!

The work of polymer manufacturing :
You can see the wide use of Calcium chloride in manufacturing polymers. Calcium chloride helps in separating aggregate molecules of the polymer from the said emulsifier. Some of the processes, which are currently using Calcium chloride, are impact modifiers, synthetic rubber, and more.
Paper and pulp treatment plans :
There is a growing use of Calcium chloride in the paper and pulp industry as well, where it works as a coagulant to improve organic polymer’s performance ratio. 
These are a few of the many ways in which you can use the power of Calcium chloride to cover industrial uses these days. Checking in with experienced suppliers of Calcium chloride is a must.

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